That moment when you’re nice to someone, and they act like a total douche…



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The best times to kiss a girl


When she’s babbling on about something. When you’re arguing. When you see her. When you’re with her. When you’re with your friends. When she cries. When shes happy. When she does something you love. After you ask her out. After she says she loves you. After you just kissed her. Before you leave. My point is, whenever you get the chance to kiss her, kiss her. It makes her feel loved. 

if you kiss me when we’re arguing i will punch you straight in the fucking jaw

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my mind says Victoria Secret model, but my heart says chocolate, pizza, food

When you get a better grade than the really smart kid:


They’re like:


You’re like:


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i wish tumblr did cool ass shit for their users like youtubers and viners can like..make a career off what they do and go to cool conventions and meet cool ppl man i picked the wrong social media to put all of my time into


yeh thats me

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